Build a fire break by removing flammable materials within a 10-m radius.

Leave 5 m between your trees and prune off branches from the ground up to 2 m.

Choose non-flammable materials such as sheet metal or bricks for your walls.

Equip your chimney or wood stove with a fire screen to protect against sparks.

Choose a roof made of metal or fibreglass.


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How does the SOPFEU prevent forest fires?

The SOPFEU has many tools at its disposal to achieve its prevention objective, which is to constantly diminish the 10 year mobile average regarding human-caused fires. Click here to see what tools are used to achieve this.

Prevention - is it worth it?

Yes, without a doubt. Statistics of the last decades prove it; the number of forest fires due to human activities has dropped by 40 % since 1990. These encouraging results have prompted the SOPFEU to continue its efforts to educate forest enthusiasts by conducting awareness campaigns. Click here to see the progress observed in the last few years.

A ban on open fires in or near forested areas - what is it?

You have seen or heard in the media that a ban on open fires in or near forested areas has come into effect and you want to know what it means? Well, it is a preventive measure decreed by the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs. It is used when the fire danger reaches a critical level and aims to prevent new fire starts. Click here to learn more.

Why should we be especially careful in the spring?

As soon as the snow melts, fire becomes a threat to the forest. It only takes a few hours of sunlight for the surface fuels to dry enough that a fire could spread rapidly. This is why it's risky to make clearing fires during this period, especially if it is windy. As is the case in summer, using fire in the spring means being properly prepared and keeping a constant eye on the fire. How could you prevent spring fire?

How can I protect my house or my cottage from fire?

The SOPFEU and Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs and Wildlife have produced a guide entitled the PareFEU; infortunately it is only available in French. It instructs owners of properties within or near the forest on how to reduce the risks of a wildfire destroying their goods, and likewise, how to prevent a fire lit on their property from spreading to the forest. This guide contains a multitude of advice and numerous prevention tips that will increase your level of protection against wildfires.

Is my campfire safe?

To ensure that the campfire you've lit in or near forested areas is safe, follow these simples rules. And don't forget, when a ban of open fires in or near forested areas is in use, only fires burning in suitable facilities covered with a fireguard are permitted.

Forestry operations – preventive measure : what activities are still allowed?

When weather and forest conditions prompt it, the SOPFEU together with the authorities of the Conseils régionaux de protection des forêts (CRPF) and the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs may suggest to its members that forestry operations and sylvicultural work be suspended. This measure aim to avoid the spread of new fires that may occur during those operations. However, some activities remain permitted.

Suspended activities : All activities carried out on the organic layer of soil using machinery or motorized equipment (felling, clearing, skidding, hauling, bucking, delimbing, road building, welding, use of ATV, etc.) and all reforestation work, whether manual or mechanized. 

Permitted activities : Activities carried out directly on the mineral soil (truck hauling, levelling of roads, spreading of gravel, maintenance of equipment, etc.), activities carried out on the organic layer of soil that do not require machinery or motorized equipment (inventory, tree marking, scaling, etc.) and manual reforestation work carried out according to a memorandum of understanding approved by the SOPFEU, if permitted by the client.