Build a fire break by removing flammable materials within a 10-m radius.

Leave 5 m between your trees and prune off branches from the ground up to 2 m.

Choose non-flammable materials such as sheet metal or bricks for your walls.

Equip your chimney or wood stove with a fire screen to protect against sparks.

Choose a roof made of metal or fibreglass.

Physical endurance/performance test

Our staffing process for wildland firefighter positions includes a medical exam and a physical endurance test. Applicants must be in good shape to fill this position as the work of a wildland firefighter is physically demanding.

The test asked of you during the hiring process, known as WFX-FIT, is a standard test established by the Canadian Interagency Wildfire Centre (CIFFC). WFX-FIT replicates the physical demands required of a wildland firefighter during an initial outbreak and sustained land dousing. You may read a description of the test by clicking here.


Training program

In order for a sedentary person to pass this test, a training program of approximately six weeks is necessary. To help you prepare, a training program is provided for you here.

It is best to take preparation of the endurance test very seriously since passing it is a prior condition to being hired for the position of wildland firefighter. In fact, to be hired by SOPFEU, applicants must pass the WFX-FIT physical endurance test within 17 minutes, 15 seconds.


Additional information

For further information regarding SOPFEU, you are encouraged to visit the FAQ section of our Web site. For additional questions regarding job opportunities, you may write to us at