Build a fire break by removing flammable materials within a 10-m radius.

Leave 5 m between your trees and prune off branches from the ground up to 2 m.

Choose non-flammable materials such as sheet metal or bricks for your walls.

Equip your chimney or wood stove with a fire screen to protect against sparks.

Choose a roof made of metal or fibreglass.


Optimize forest fire protection to ensure the sustainability of the forest environment for the good of the community, and to do so at the lowest possible cost.

The challenge is great. Each year in Quebec, an average of 486 fires affect thousands of hectares of forest in the intensive protection zone. Discover each of the sectors that make SOPFEU a unique company in Canada.


Throughout the fire season, detection aircraft fly looking for suspicious smoke. Their flight path is based on information regarding fire danger, lightning and weather conditions. The route taken by detection aircraft equipped with a global positioning system are followed in real time by attendants. These attendants are in constant communication with the pilots in order to validate their observations.


Objective : To discover a fire before it reaches 0.5 hectare.