Build a fire break by removing flammable materials within a 10-m radius.

Leave 5 m between your trees and prune off branches from the ground up to 2 m.

Choose non-flammable materials such as sheet metal or bricks for your walls.

Equip your chimney or wood stove with a fire screen to protect against sparks.

Choose a roof made of metal or fibreglass.


In this section, various types of publications have been made available so that the public can learn about the SOPFEU. To facilitate the task, we’ve divided the section into four themes : Forestry Companies, Municipalities, Documentation and Annual Reports.

This section contains past editions of our in-house bulletin l'Étincelle (French only), as well as data sheets on fire prevention activities used to raise awareness among the public concerning the outbreak of wildfires.

Being informed of the fire dangerPDF

Best preventive behavior: keep yourself informed of the fire danger!

Disponible en français: S'informer du danger d'incendie

Celebrate Quebec National Holiday safelyPDF

To enjoy fully and safely your bonfire, you must check the fire danger and keep in mind a few guidelines.

Disponible en français: Célébrer la Fête nationale du Québec en toute sécurité

Law and regulationPDF

Little reminder on the laws and regulations governing the protection of forests. Always keep those in mind when practicing activities close to the forest!

Disponible en français: Lois et règlements 

Myth and reality about forest firesPDF

Lightning is the main cause of forest fires in Quebec ... Myth or Reality?

Disponible en français: Mythe et réalité à l'égard des incendies de forêt 

Outdoor enthousiastsPDF

Prevention tips to follow during outdoor activities.

Disponible en français: Amateurs de plein air