Choose a cleared area, away from the wind and close to water

Keep a constant eye on your fire, never leave it unattended.

When putting the fire out, make sure to douse with lots of water and cover the ashes with sand before leaving the area.

Keep tools such as shovels, water buckets or rakes close by the fire.

Consult the fire danger for your destination, a situation may change quickly.


In this section, various types of publications have been made available so that the public can learn about the SOPFEU. To facilitate the task, we’ve divided the section into four themes : Forestry Companies, Municipalities, Documentation and Annual Reports.

In this section, you will find a list of publications aimed at assisting the administrators of municipalities in conducting fire prevention training activities with citizens.

Industrial burning permitsPDF

The suspension and cancellation of burning permits, what is it exactly? Who decrees this? When is it implemented? Who is it addressed to?

This document provides answers to all these questions and many more.

Disponible en français: Permis de brûlage industriel


What are the eligible costs and those who are not when it is time to seek reimbursement of the costs for the fight of a forest fire? This documents gives you the answer.

Disponible en français: La facturation

Prevention tips for quad ridersPDF

Prevention message for the ATV enthusiasts, quad riders are becoming more prevalent in rural and suburban areas.

Disponible en français: Quadistes et VTT, conseils de prévention 

Promptly report any suspicious-looking smoke!PDF

What are the information to collect when a citizen calls you to report suspicious-looking smoke? This document will help you gather the maximum information that SOPFEU will use thereafter to take appropriate actions.

Disponible en français: Signalez rapidement toute fumée suspecte 

Spring burningsPDF

After the snow melt in spring, it can be tempting to do a spring cleaning of the yard proceeding to the burning of herbs, branches and scrap. Here are some rules to follow so the experience does not reserve you unpleasant surprises.

Disponible en français: Brûlages printaniers